Check List 6(2): 319-325, doi: 10.15560/6.2.319
Birds, Lower Sangay National Park, Morona-Santiago, Ecuador
expand article infoEsteban Guevara, Tatiana Santander, Juan E. Guevara, Renán Gualotuña, Vinicio Ortiz
Open Access
Sangay National Park is located at the mid-eastern Andean foothills of the Cordillera Oriental of Ecuador. We present a preliminary avifauna inventory corresponding to the lower zone of the Sangay National Park (SNP). One-hundred and twenty-seven bird species belonging to 39 families were recorded, including noteworthy records that represent range extensions for four species, Phaetornis hispidus (Gould 1846) (White-bearded Hermit), Ramphastos ambiguus Swainson 1823 (Black-mandibled Toucan), Phylloscartes orbitalis (Cabanis 1873) (Spectacled Bristle Tyrant), and Microcerculus bambla (Boddaert 1783) (Wing-banded Wren). We also obtained information on threatened species such as Aburria aburri (Lesson 1828) (Wattled Guan), Phlogophilus hemileucurus Gould 1860 (Ecuadorian Piedtail), and Dendroica cerulea (Wilson 1810) (Cerulean Warbler) and reproductive data on one species, Patagioenas speciosa (Gmelin 1789) (Scaled Pigeon). To our knowledge this is a first ornithological survey carried out at this specific site of the SNP.