Check List 6(2): 301-308, doi: 10.15560/6.2.301
Holocene molluscs from Rio de Janeiro state coast, Brazil
expand article infoRosa Cristina Corrêa Luz de Souza, Tania Andrade Lima, Edson Pereira Silva
Open Access
A list of marine species of bivalves and gastropods found in seventy archeological sites of the shellmound type from Rio de Janeiro state was produced, based on the archeological material deposited in the collections of Museu Nacional (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Instituto de Arqueologia Brasileira (Belford Roxo, RJ) and Museu do Sambaqui da Tarioba (Rio das Ostras, RJ). A total of 124 taxa were identified, of which 65 bivalves and 59 gastropods. The data retrieved from the shellmounds indicate stability of the composition patterns of mollusc biodiversity on the Rio de Janeiro state coast, at least in the period between 8,000 and 2,000 years B.P. The listing presented may be useful as a reference inventory for research pertaining to biological invasions, biogeography, conservation and management.
Mollusca; shell mounds; archeological sites