Check List 6(2): 195-197, doi: 10.15560/6.2.195
Mammalia, Rodentia, Sigmodontinae, Holochilus brasiliensis (Desmarest, 1819): distribution extention
expand article infoAnahí E. Formoso, Daniel E. Udrizar Sauthier, Ulyses F. J. Pardiñas
Open Access
We report the southernmost record for the marsh rats Holochilus brasiliensis 20 km S of Pedro Luro on Hwy 3, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina (39°41’31.13”S, 62°40’23.5”W) extending the range of the species ca. 110 km S. This represents the first contemporaneous record of H. brasiliensis in Patagonia, and also the only species of sigmodontine rodent with amphibious habits reported in Patagonia.