Check List 6(2): 191-194, doi: 10.15560/6.2.191
New records of freshwater fish for Uruguay
expand article infoMatías Zarucki, Iván González-Bergonzoni, Franco Teixeira-de-Mello, Alejandro Duarte, Sebastián Serra, Federico Quintans, Marcelo Loureiro
Open Access
Based on National Collections records, this article presents the first report of eight freshwater fish species for Uruguay in the middle and lower Uruguay River basin, extending their current distribution: Cyanocharax alegretensis Malabarba and Weitzman, 2003; Leporinus lacustris Amaral Campos, 1945; Microglanis aff. eurystoma Malabarba and Mahler, 1998; Tatia boemia Koch and Reis, 1996; Lepthoplosternum pectorale (Boulenger, 1895); Crenicichla missioneira Lucena and Kullander, 1992; C. minuano Lucena and Kullander, 1992; Apistogramma borellii Regan, 1906. These species were previously recorded either for upper Uruguay River or Paraná River.