Check List 6(1): 170-171, doi: 10.15560/6.1.170
Ephemeroptera, Leptohyphidae, Amanahyphes saguassu Salles and Molineri, 2006: first record from state of Pará, Brazil
expand article infoInês Corrêa Gonçalves, Elidiomar Ribeiro Da-Silva
Open Access
Amanahyphes saguassu Salles and Molineri, 2006 is firstly recorded from state of Pará. Specimens from Pará presented wings with more curved anal veins than those from state of Amazonas, illustrated in the original description, showing variability among populations of this species. Amanahyphes saguassu is similar to Leptohyphodes inanis (Pictet, 1843), sharing both nymph and adult characteristics.