Check List 6(1): 64-70, doi: 10.15560/6.1.064
Mammalia, Chiroptera Blumenbach, 1779: new locality records, filling gaps, and geographic distribution maps from northern Argentina
expand article infoMaría Leonor Sandoval, Mariano S. Sánchez, Rubén M. Barquez
Open Access
We report new records for 254 specimens of 19 species of bats from 15 genera and three of the four families of Argentine bats (Phyllostomidae, Vespertilionidae, and Molossidae). Sixty one new distributional records were also added to eight provinces of Argentina and to the Puna, Monte of mountains and valleys, Yungas forests, Dry and Humid Chaco, Pampas, Fields and Weedlands, and Paranean forests ecoregions. We add only one new bat species to an ecoregion: the first report of Promops nasutus for the Monte of mountains and valleys