Check List 6(1): 39-44, doi: 10.15560/6.1.039
Vascular flora of semi-arid region, São José do Piauí, state of Piauí, Brazil
expand article infoMaura Rejane de Araújo Mendes, Antonio Alberto Jorge Farias Castro
Open Access
The Caatinga biome is located in the semi-arid region of northeastern Brazil and covers about 37 % of Piauí state. The main objective of the present study was a characterization of the Caatinga flora of the farm of Morro do Baixio, in state of Piauí, Brazil (06°51’13” S; 41°28’15” W, at 400 to 540 m above sea level) in view of the fact that very few such surveys were conducted in the state. The flora of the farm was surveyed monthly, during a year, to gather herbs, epiphytes, parasites, sub shrubs, shrubs and trees. We encountered 136 species belonging to 46 families, including a new species of Bauhinia. The richest families were Caesalpiniaceae (15 spp.), Fabaceae (11 spp.), Bignoniaceae and Mimosaceae (both with nine spp.). We observed a higher frequency of typical species from sedimentary Caatinga. However, local conditions favor the appearance of species that occur in Carrasco and Cerrado.