Check List 6(1): 5-6, doi: 10.15560/6.1.005
Reptilia, Serpentes, Colubridae, Tachymenis Wiegmann, 1836: latitudinal and altitudinal distribution extension in Chile
expand article infoGustavo Valenzuela-Dellarossa, Herman Núñez, Christoph Heibl, Juan Carlos Ortiz
Open Access
Observations and pictures of two snakes, Tachymenis peruviana Wiegmann, 1836, and Tachymenis chilensis (Schlegel, 1837), were taken in the Atacama coastal desert, province of Antofagasta, Chile. Furthermore, in the collection of the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Santiago, we found two individuals of T. c. chilensis from Cachapoal and Talca provinces. These records represent a northward extension of the known range of T. c. chilensis along the Andean foothills of more than 180 km.