Check List 6(1): 1-2, doi: 10.15560/6.1.001
Amphibia, Leptodactylidae, Paratelmatobius mantiqueira Pombal and Haddad, 1999: distribution extension
expand article infoDavor Vrcibradic, Cristina V. Ariani, Monique Van Sluys, Carlos Frederico D. Rocha
Open Access
A female Paratelmatobius mantiqueira Pombal and Haddad, 1999 was collected in November 2005 at an altitude of ca. 1,650 m at an Atlantic Forest area within the Área de Preservação Ambiental (APA) da Mantiqueira, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The current record extends its distribution 130 km eastward from the type locality, represents the first records in the state, and provides information on its color in life.