Check List 5(4): 855-859, doi: 10.15560/5.4.855
Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and termites (Termitidae: Isoptera), Moron River basin, Carabobo, Venezuela: preliminary data
expand article infoMiguel A. Riera-Valera, Antonio J. Pérez-Sánchez, José Perozo
Open Access
Nineteen ant species of six subfamilies (Dolichoderinae, Ecitoninae, Ectatomminae, Formicinae, Myrmicinae and Ponerinae) and two termite species (Termitidae) from Morón River basin (Carabobo, Venezuela) are listed here as part of a preliminary arthropod research. Despite of reporting a low number of taxa, this work constitutes the first record of ants from Morón, Carabobo state, Venezuela.