Check List 5(3): 673-691, doi: 10.15560/5.3.673
Fishes from the upper Yuruá river, Amazon basin, Peru
expand article infoTiago P. Carvalho, S. June Tang, Julia I. Fredieu, Roberto Quispe, Isabel Corahua, Hernan Orteaga, James S. Albert
Open Access
We report results of an ichthyological survey of the upper Rio Yuruá in southeastern Peru. Collections were made at low water (July-August, 2008) near the headwaters of the Brazilian Rio Juruá. This is the first of four expeditions to the Fitzcarrald Arch — an upland associated with the Miocene-Pliocene rise of the Peruvian Andes — with the goal of comparing the ichthyofauna across the headwaters of the largest tributary basins in the western Amazon (Ucayali, Juruá, Purús and Madeira). We recorded a total of 117 species in 28 families and 10 orders, with all species accompanied by tissue samples preserved in 100% ethanol for subsequent DNA analysis, and high-resolution digital images of voucher specimens with live color to facilitate accurate identification. From interviews with local fishers and comparisons with other ichthyological surveys of the region we estimate the actual diversity of fishes in the upper Juruá to exceed 200 species.