Check List 5(2): 330-350, doi: 10.15560/5.2.330
Ichthyological survey and review of the checklist of fish fauna of Arunachal Pradesh, India
expand article infoKenjum Bagra, Kento Kadu, Kongbrailatpan Nebeshwar-Sharma, Boni Amin Laskar, Uttam Kumar Sarkar, Debangshu Narayan Das
Open Access
One hundred thirty eight fish species were collected during a systematic survey of 35 rivers in Arunachal Pradesh state, India, in March 2004 to March 2008. Based on this survey and on literature review we developed a checklist with 213 fish species for the state. We have added 43 species to the previous record of 170 species. This study confirmed the occurrence of five new species described by previous investigations and encompasses the discovery of two new species, although the taxonomic status of 27 species is uncertain and requires additional study.