Check List 5(2): 300-313, doi: 10.15560/5.2.300
Birds, Ilha Grande, state of Rio de Janeiro, Southeastern Brazil
expand article infoMaria Alice S. Alves, Maurício Brandão Vecchi
Open Access
We provide a list of bird species from our primary surveys and secondary data for an island (Ilha Grande) in southeastern Brazil. The information derives mainly from primary data collected since 1995, particularly in the oceanic side of the island. The methodologies included capture-mark-recapture studies using mist nets, transects (visual and vocal records) and supplementary observations. Our total species list from primary data is 175 species (127 captured) and 47 species were added from secondary data. This represents 222 species from 58 families. Of this total, 44 are endemic to Atlantic forest and nine are threatened with extinction. Our results are discussed comparing our study area with another large island included in the Serra do Mar corridor (Ilha de São Sebastião), and also a nearby continental area (Paraty). The results indicate the importance of Ilha Grande as a reservoir of bird species of Atlantic forest.