Check List 5(2): 222-237, doi: 10.15560/5.2.222
Birds (Aves), Serrania Sadiri, Parque Nacional Madidi, Depto. La Paz, Bolivia
expand article infoPeter Andrew Hosner, Kenneth David Behrens, A. Bennett Hennessey
Open Access
We surveyed the Serrania Sadiri for birds at elevations between 500-950m for a combined total of 15 days in three different months. The area surveyed was along the Tumupasa/San Jose de Uchupiamones trail at the edge of Parque Nacional Madidi in Depto. La Paz, Bolivia. We report observations of 231 species of birds detected by sight and sound, including many outlying ridge specialists. We report and present photographs of a new species for Depto. La Paz (Caprimulgis nigrescens), the second Bolivian localities for Porphyrolaema prophyrolae ereicapillus, and Basileuterus chrysogaster, and five new species records for Parque Nacional Madidi.