Check List 5(2): 154-172, doi: 10.15560/5.2.154
Fish fauna of small streams of the Catua-Ipixuna Extractive Reserve, state of Amazonas, Brazil
expand article infoRenildo Ribeiro de Oliveira, Marcelo Salles Rocha, Maeda Batista dos Anjos, Jansen Zuanon, Lúcia H. Rapp Py-Daniel
Open Access
This study was conducted in an Amazonas state conservation unit, the Catuá-Ipixuna Extractive Reserve (Catuá-Ipixuna RESEX). The main purpose was to provide an ichthyological survey of its small streams, all them tributaries of the Solimões River. Nine small streams (up to 4 m width and 1 m depth) were sampled in September 2006. A total of 1,525 specimens were captured, belonging to 78 species, 24 families and eight orders. Eight species had higher abundances and represented altogether 61.4 % of all collected specimens (Hemigrammus belotii, Microphilypnus amazonicus, Physopyxis ananas, Apistogramma agassizii, Elachocharax pulcher, Apistogramma cf. cruzi, Gladioglanis conquistador and Copella nigrofasciata). Based on the high number of singletons and doubletons present in our samples, as well as the estimated number of species for those streams (106 spp.), we believe that the total fish species richness present in the Catuá-Ipixuna Extractive Reserve may be considerably higher than indicated by our samples. This seems especially true when considering the dimensions of the Catuá-Ipixuna RESEX and the dense hydrographic network present in the area.