Check List 5(1): 144-150, doi: 10.15560/5.1.144
Mammalia, Didelphimorphia, Chiroptera, and Rodentia, Parque Nacional Chaco and Capitán Solari, Chaco province, Argentina
expand article infoPablo Teta, Javier A. Pereira, Emiliano Muschetto, Natalia Fracassi
Open Access
We studied the small mammal assemblage (bats, marsupials and rodents) of Parque Nacional Chaco and Capitán Solari (Chaco Province, Argentina) based on captures and analysis of owl pellets. Twenty-one species were recorded during a brief survey, including two marsupials, seven bats, and twelve rodents. In addition, we documented the first occurrence of the bat Lasiurus ega in the Chaco Province, and extended to the southwest the distribution of the didelphid marsupial Cryptonanus chacoensis and the oryzomyine rodent Oecomys sp. We also provided a second occurrence site in the ents Calomys laucha and Holochilus brasiliensis. Identified taxa belonged to species that are typical of the Humid Chaco ecoregion of Argentina.