Check List 4(2): 178-181, doi: 10.15560/4.2.178
Reptilia, Squamata, Leptotyphlopidae, Leptotyphlops, Ecuador: re-evaluation of the species cited for the country
expand article infoDiego F. Cisneros-Heredia
‡ King's College London, United Kingdom
Open Access
Upon analysis of the information supporting the inclusion of different Leptotyphlops taxa as part of the herpetofauna of Ecuador, I conclude that Leptotyphlops anthracinus, L. guayaquilensis, and L. subcrotillus are the only species with confirmed records from the country. Leptotyphlops anthracinus and L. guayaquilensis are Ecuadorian endemics and the presence of L. subcrotillus is supported herein by publication of data about the first vouchered specimen. Leptotyphlops signatus and L. tenellus should be excluded from the reptile fauna of Ecuador because all previous  records  where  based  on  misidentified  specimens  or  specimens  of  uncertain  origin.  Studies on the ly needed. Several unidentified specimens are deposited in museum collections and may correspond to new distributional records or unnamed taxa.
Reptilia; Squamata; Leptotyphlopidae; Ecuador