Check List 3(1): 43-50, doi: 10.15560/3.1.43
Birds surveyed in the harvested and unharvested areas of a reduced-impact logged forestry concession, located in the lowland subtropical humid forests of the Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia
expand article infoAdam Felton, Bennett A. Hennessey§, Annika M. Felton, David B. Lindenmayer
‡ The Australian National University, Australia§ Armonia, Bolivia
Open Access
As part of a larger study of reduced-impact logging effects on bird community composition, we surveyed birds from December to February during the 2003-2004 wet-season within harvested and unharvested blocks of the La Chonta forestry concession, Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The logged forest was harvested using reducedimpact logging techniques between one and four years previously. During point count surveys, we identified 5062 individual birds, belonging to 155 species, and 33 families. We provide a list of bird species found within the harvested and unharvested blocks of the concession for the benefit of other researchers assessing the responses of Neotropical avifauna to disturbance, and to facilitate increased understanding of the diverse bird assemblages found within the lowland subtropical humid forests of Bolivia.