Check List 2(2): 1-27, doi: 10.15560/2.2.1
Aves, The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
expand article infoDavid A. Wiedenfeld
‡ Charles Darwin Research Station, Ecuador
Open Access
Although the Galapagos avifauna has been described previously, it is necessary to list, clarify, and update the previously published records of birds occurring in the archipelago, and to clarify some recent records that are erroneous or were presented with none or few details. The list of breeding (including endemic species and subspecies and non-endemic breeding species) and regular migrant species totals only 88 species, although including the 57 vagrant species, the number is 145 species. However, endemism in Galapagos is quite high, with half (50%) of the regular avifauna being endemic at the species or subspecies level. If only land birds are considered, the endemism levels are much higher, with 70% of land bird species being endemic, and 58% of the “regular” seabirds being endemic as well. It is hoped this article will stimulate other ornithologists and observers who may have additional records to come forth with their information.