Check List 14(1): 183-188, doi: 10.15560/14.1.183
First record of Corallus blombergi (Rendahl & Vestergren, 1941) (Serpentes, Boidae) from Colombia
expand article infoMaría Alejandra Pinto-Erazo, Guido Fabian Medina-Rangel
‡ Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia
Open Access
We report the first record in Colombia of Blomberg’s Tree Boa, Corallus blombergi (Rendahl & Vestergren, 1941), based on 2 specimens from Tumaco municipality, department of Nariño, Colombia. The present record extends this species’ documented distribution northwest by 55 km from its nearest previously known Ecuadorian occurrence and increases the number of Corallus species in Colombia to 5. In addition to summarizing its distribution, we present a brief comparison with the distribution of C. annulatus (Cope, 1876), the species most similar to C. blombergi.
Blomberg’s Tree Boa; Pacific rainforest; department of Nariño; South America; distribution; range extension