Check List 13(4): 87-90, doi: 10.15560/13.4.87
Laccaria fraterna (Cooke & Mass.: Sacc.) Pegler, 1965 (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) associated with exotic Eucalyptus sp. in northern Argentina and Paraguay
expand article infoMichelle Campi, Claudia Mancuello, Yanine Maubet, Nicolás Niveiro§
‡ Universidad Nacional de Asunción, San Lorenzo, Paraguay§ Instituto de Botánica del Nordeste, Corrientes, Argentina
Open Access
Laccaria fraterna is recorded for the first time from the Cordillera Department, Paraguay and from northern Argentina. Both macroscopic and microscopic morphological characteristics of the basidiomata are described. Photographs of fresh material are presented along with photographs of the microscopic characters. Comments regarding the distribution and taxonomy are provided.
Cordillera; Hydnangiaceae; Agaricomycetes; Fungi