Check List 20(2): 444-449, doi: 10.15560/20.2.444
New data on the distribution of Homonota rupicola Cacciali, Ávila & Bauer, 2007 (Squamata, Phyllodactylidae) in Paraguay
expand article infoPier Cacciali§, Nicolás Cantero|, Lucas Cañete, Davi Teles|
‡ Guyra Paraguay, Asunción, Paraguay§ Instituto de Investigación Biológica del Paraguay, Asunción, Paraguay| Zoological Society of London, London, United Kingdom¶ Universidad Nacional de Asunción, San Lorenzo, Paraguay
Open Access
Of the few endemic vertebrates found in Paraguay, Homonota rupicola Cacciali, Ávila & Bauer, 2007 is considered micro-endemic, globally threatened, absent in conservation units, and restricted to rocky outcrops in a small mountain range, a priority hotspot, known as Cordillera de los Altos. Through sampling efforts in areas surrounding the type locality, we recorded H. rupicola at other sites. Together the current geographic range of this species is approximately 13 km along a segment of the Cordillera de los Altos. Nonetheless, H. rupicola is currently unknown from any protected areas, and non-governmental organizations are working towards establishing conservation units within the geographic range of the species.
Gekkota, geographic range extension, Neotropics, reptiles