Check List 20(1): 40-46, doi: 10.15560/20.1.40
Cuphea carthagenensis (Jacquin) J.F. Macbride, Lythraceae: a newly naturalised species from eastern Nepal
expand article infoAjay Neupane, Bhaskar Adhikari§, Bharat Babu Shrestha|
‡ Tribhuvan University, Jhapa, Nepal§ Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom| Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
Open Access
Cuphea carthagenensis (Jacquin) J.F. Macbride, a native of South America, is recorded for the first time from Mechinagar municipality of south‑eastern Nepal. This weed has already been in the neighboring north‑east region of India since the 1950s and might have recently spread into south‑eastern Nepal where it is colonizing riparian habitats. We provide a detailed taxonomic account, as well as the distribution, major habitat, and invasion status of C. carthagenensis.
Alien species, Brachyandra, distribution expansion, first report, invasive species, riparian vegetation, weed species