Check List 19(6): 827-832, doi: 10.15560/19.6.827
First record of Microspingus cinereus (Bonaparte, 1850), Cinereous Warbling Finch (Passeriformes, Thraupidae), from the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
expand article infoGabriel Magalhães Tavares, João Rafael Gomes de Almeida e Marins§, Manoel Tuler Filho|, Carlos Nei Ortúzar-Ferreira
‡ Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, Cuiabá, Brazil§ Secretaria Municipal de Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Sustentável, Barra Mansa, Brazil| Unaffiliated, Barra Mansa, Brazil¶ Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Seropédica, Brazil
Open Access
We document from the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the first record of Microspingus cinereus (Bonaparte, 1850), which was observed in the municipality of Barra Mansa in October 2020. The species was originally documented in central Brazil, potentially linked to Cerrado habitats. However, recent observations from eBird and WikiAves databases indicate that M. cinereus has been spreading towards the southeast for several years. It has been considered Vulnerable for almost two decades due to the loss of grassland habitats. Our discovery expands the known geographic range of M. cinereus to eastern Brazil and may have importance for future biogeographic studies and the conservation of this species.
Conservation, geographic distribution, ornithology