Check List 19(5): 611-620, doi: 10.15560/19.5.611
New record of Azurina intercrusma (Evermann & Radcliffe, 1917) (Ovalentaria incertae sedis, Pomacentridae) and confirmation of Scuticaria tigrina (Lesson, 1828) (Anguilliformes, Muraenidae) in the Galápagos Islands
expand article infoWilliam Bensted-Smith, Inti Keith, Jack Grove§, Stuart Banks
‡ Charles Darwin Research Station, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador§ East Pacific Corridor Alliance, Tavernier, United States of America
Open Access
Herein we provide the first published records for Azurina intercrusma and a correction of previous Scuticaria tigrina records within the Galápagos Marine Reserve. The former had not previously been reported north of the southern Ecuadorian coastline and represents a significant step outside of its known distribution for this cold-water species. Scuticaria tigrina had been mentioned in previous literature as present, but its inclusion appears to have been in error; we confirm its presence as a vagrant and provide evidence of live observations in different parts of the archipelago.
Citizen science, Eastern Tropical Pacific, new record, reef-eel, reef-fish, scuba diving, subtidal monitoring