Check List 19(2): 155-161, doi: 10.15560/19.2.155
Out of East Asia: Epermenia sinjovi Gaedike, 1993 (Lepidoptera, Epermeniidae) newly recorded from the European Alps
expand article infoPeter Huemer, Alfred Haslberger§, Andreas H. Segerer|
‡ Tiroler Landesmuseen Betriebgsges.m.b.H., Innsbruck, Austria§ Unaffiliated, Teisendorf, Germany| Zoologische Staatssammlung München (SNSB), München, Germany
Open Access
Epermenia sinjovi Gaedike, 1993, a species with a hitherto westernmost known occurrence in Central Siberia, is recorded from the European Alps (Tyrol, Austria and Bavaria, Germany). Its identification is based on DNA barcodes and morphological characteristics. The probability of a recent introduction is considered as very low due to the remoteness and wild nature of the habitat, and it seems likely that the species was previously over-looked due to its similarity to Epermenia chaerophyllella (Goeze, 1783). 
DNA barcode, Eastern Asia, Austria, Germany, overlooked species, Apiaceae